So today begins the third and last week of our series of contests…the editorial shoot! So some of you may be wondering what I mean by “editorial”. Well, do you have a talent you want to document? Are you in a band? Write a book? Sing, play sports, model, etc? Yeah, pretty much any cool thing you do, we’ll photograph. So how do you win? If you’re new to the contest, check out our rules by clicking HERE. (You can view the winners of last week’s contest by clicking HERE.)

As usual, we’ll give you some examples of what you could expect from an editorial shoot:  Below you will find an athlete, a band, a model, a musician, and an author. Good luck in the contest!

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  • Jen Green

    All I can say is WOW. I SO wish I had a talent. Amazing work!

  • Mr. Duffy

    My talent is picking up chicks. Does that count?

  • Brittni Schroeder

    If I had a talent I would SO hire you!

  • Mikki

    No lying…those shots are AWESOME! I especially love the athlete and band ones. Seriously, so good.

  • Joy

    Oh. my. gosh. These images….WOW. These are incredible!!! I am in love with the one with the water splash-it is amazing.

  • Heather Shurter

    Stunning photos. Love the band shots.

  • paula

    Love the pictures of the athlete…a little bias to family though.

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