what’s a rep?

Our primary source of new clients is word of mouth. Friends telling friends about their experience with us. Do you love Boka? If so, you could become a rep and get paid in cash or credit towards a shoot. How does it work? Read below for full details.

the party

Nobody wants to read a bunch of boring marketing materials, and I’ll bet you don’t want to hand a stack out to your friends either. But who doesn’t love a good party? Boka Studios has launched a new “House Party” marketing program for seniors. At the party, we’ll have goodies for the friends you invite, we’ll go over tips and ideas for senior shoots, and you’ll get an amazing makeup class taught by the Makeup Loft, an incredible makeup studio located in Plymouth. You can host the party at your house, or we can hold it at the Makeup Loft. Your choice.

what’s in it for me?

We know you love us, but come on. We need to hook you up! For every attendee that books a session (at the party or later), you’ll receive $50 cash or $100 toward your own shoot. Your choice!

what’s in it for them?

Besides the awesome information, the makeup class, and the priceless opportunity to party with you? Every attendee will receive a sweet swag bag just for coming. In addition, everybody that books at the party will receive

  • Cosmakery Makeup Kit (valued at $100)
  • $100 off the session fee
  • Free professional makeup on the day of the shoot ($95 value)
  • Gift set of wallets ($275 value)

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